Industrial IoT

Securing manufacturing and industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things presents new opportunities for manufacturing transformation through technology. This is especially true for enterprises that harness the promise of IIoT to improve business processes and for governments that look to IIoT to improve infrastructure and the provision of vital services.


IIoT has been heralded as the harbinger of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (a digital revolution characterized by the fusion of technologies, blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres), with the potential to impact industries at a scale equal to prior advancements in steam, electrical, nuclear, and computing power.
The growth in adoption of IIoT has also emboldened malicious actors to deploy stealthy sophisticated mechanisms to exploit vulnerabilities unique to IIoT systems, or derived from vulnerable components, devices, or systems that are used as part of IIoT services. The sheer scale and inextricable interconnectedness of IIoT further compound the safety and security risks into actual physical threats, exposing the potential for catastrophic harm.

Subex can help secure your connected manufacturing assets and data. Through our solutions, consulting and managed services offerings, we can defend such your IIoT deployments from a range of attacks. Only Subex Secure can protect your business from new attacks as our threat database is updated real-time through our global honeypot located in 48 cities across the globe.

industrial iot

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